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ETTU Cup Women - 10 Jan 2018

Etival Clairefontaine ASRTT on their pursuit for success in ETTU Cup

Women ETTU Cup


In the fourth Round of the Women's ETTU Cup, Etival Clairefontaine ASRTT will meet Budaorsi 2i Sport Club in Hungary on Saturday. It is the first time that French club plays in ETTU Cup. Despite that fact, they already proved they are feeling good in European competition.


In the Third round, in both legs, Etival succeeded against Hotel Patria Chica Museo Priego TM without losing the individual match. However, no one expects it will be that easy against very good


“For this new meeting the objective will be to give our best. We are still on the path of discovering our position in this competition. We are not very well familiar with the play of the opposite team. It will be the first time we are going to meet them,” explained Camille DERREY.


No doubt Budaorsi 2i Sport Club is the favorite in the opening leg.


“The first meeting will be doubtless very difficult because we play in Hungary. We must give our best to win as much points as possible before return leg in France. It will be very competitive game, because we will try to create as much chances as possible to give an opportunity for our numerous spectators to enjoy the match at home. We will try to stay in Cup as long as possible. Our main strength is our team spirit and good composition of the team.”

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