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Member Associations - 4 Mar 2018

First title for Alexandre ROBINOT, fourth one for YUAN Jia Nan

Photo: Courtesy FFTT

French National Championships


Alexandre ROBINOT and YUAN Jia Nan are crowned individual champions of France. ROBINOT has reached his very first national title at the event held in the city of Rouen, whilst YUAN got her fourth one. Championships have gathered nearly 130 players.


“It's great feeling, I'm really happy, especially knowing last final`s loss. I had a great level of play today, and even on the whole competition. Three days ago I couldn’t imagine that I am able to win both, Singles and Doubles titles”, stated Alexandre ROBINOT who beat in the final Enzo ANGLES 4:1 (11:6, 16:14, 9;11, 11:6, 11:8).


Bronze medalists are Can AKKUZU and Stéphane OUAICHE who upset no. 1 seed Emmanuel LEBESSON in the quarter-final clash.


Women`s Singles top seed YUAN was two games behind in the final, but managed to defeated Carole GRUNISCH in full seven sets. She stressed that this title is her hardest won in French National Championships:


“I am very happy to win my 4th title of French champion. It's always very hard for me against Carole (GRUNDISCH). I started the final badly, she played very well but I managed to comeback”


Alexandre ROBINOT and Joe SEYFRIED overcame Romain LORENTZ and Brice OLLIVIER in the Men`s Doubles final, whilst the Women`s Doubles event was concluded by Oceane GUISNEL/ Stephanie LOEUILLETE unexpected victory against no. 1 seed YUAN Jia Nan / Aurore LE MANSEC.


Men`s Singles medalists

  1. Alexandre ROBINOT
  2. Enzo ANGLES
  3. Stéphane OUAICHE
  4. Can AKKUZU


Women`s Singles medalists

  1. YUAN Jia Nan
  2. Carole GRUNDISCH
  3. Laura GASNIER
  4. Aurore LE MANSEC

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