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Champions League Women - 6 Dec 2018

TTCLM R6: Pontoise determined to win in Dusseldorf

“We will try to defend our chances to the maximum to win the first place of the group”, stated Pontoise’s coach Christian ADAM. Round 6 to be held this Thursday and Friday (Dec 6-7)


Group stage of the 2018/19 TTCLM will be concluded by Round 6 games, scheduled for this Thusday and Friday (Dec 6-7). Reigning champion and 11-time winner Borussia, two-time TTCLM champion Pontoise, four-time winner Orenburg and 2012 runner-up UMMC have already booked their places for the quarter-final stage, while other four clubs will be decided in Round 6.


Pontoise travels to Dusseldorf with the same win-loss record (4-1) like Borussia. The winner will secure top spot.

 “This meeting will be a real group finale. We know the match will be difficult in Dusseldorf, but Borussia's defeat at Sporting puts the two teams tied. We will try to defend our chances to the maximum to win the first place of the group”, explained Christian ADAM, Pontoise’s coach


UMMC reserved its place for the knockout phase, will other three teams have seven points each. Dekorgkass Dzialdowo has the hardest possible oponet, UMMC, but coach of Poland’s team Jiri VRABLIK speaks:

 "The last match of Group B of the Champions League is ahead of us. Team TTSC UMMC is a very strong and difficult opponent. If we want to advance further we have to win this match. Our team will come in the strongest line-up. We will fight for the promotion to the next phase of the Champions League.”


Saarbrucken coach Slobodan GRUJIC stressed that he believes in his side. German team hosts Dartom Bogoria, while Angers travels to Denmark.

“We are going to play our last group game in front of our fans and the victory would guarantee top spot for us. It was our plan. Obviously, it is very challenging task, bearing in mind that we lost 3:0 in Poland. I estimate the chances at 50-50 and I believe in my team.”


Andrea LANDRIEU, Angers player, won two matches against Saarbrucken. Now he speaks about Round 6 game:

"It will be a very interesting match. If we win we are sure to reach quarterfinals and if we lose, we still have a chance, depending of the other match of the group. Roskilde is a very strong team, they are confident with their win against Bogoria last week so we know it will be a very difficult match, so we will try our best to win and have our destiny in our hands. "


Coach Erik SCHREYER explains why he considers the upcoming match against Eslovs like one of the Post SV Muhlhausen’s most important games in the season.

“After two loses in TTCLM we are all very focused for this match on Thursday. We want to win and make some history for our club.”

Lubomir JANCARIK added:

“Next match in TTCLM against Eslovs will be full of beautiful rallies, emotions and close moments as well as in the first match. And we believe that at the end of the match, we will be the happier ones.”


Hennebont will have very hard task in Russia, facing four-time winner Orenburg.

Coach of French Cedric NUYTINCK explains :

"For this group match, it's sure that it will be very difficult with the wounds of Liam (PITCHFORD), Quentin (ROBINOT) and FAN (Sheng Peng). We are very much reduced but we will try to do the maximum against a team of Orenburg who even if we were full would be largely favorite. After, about our course in this group, we took a very bad start with the three defeats, but the two wins 3-0 have revived us. We are sure to make a quarter final of the European Cup, we will see which one according to the results"


TTCLM Round 6



TTC Ostrava 2016 - Sporting Clube De Portugal (Dec 07, 16:00 CET)

Borussia Düsseldorf - AS Pontoise Cergy (Dec 07 19:30 CET)



TTSC UMMC - K.S. Dekorglass Dzialdowo (Dec 06, 15:00 CET)

SPG Walter Wels - Stella Sport La Romagne (Dec 06, 19:00 CET)



Roskilde Bordtennis BTK61 - Vaillante Sports Angers TT (Dec 07, 18:30 CET)

FC Saarbrücken Tischtennis - K.S. Dartom Bogoria Grodzisk Mazowiecki (Dec 07, 19:00 CET)



TTC Fakel Gazprom - G.V. Hennebont T.T. (Dec 06, 14:00 CET)

Eslovs Ai Bordtennis - Post SV Mühlhausen (Dec 06, 18:30 CET)

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