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ETTU Cup Men - 14 Dec 2018

Close call for Cajasur Priego TM

Men's and Women's ETTU Cup


In the return leg of the fourth Round of the Women’s ETTU Cup TMK-TAGMET Taganrog and CP Lyssois Lille Métropole justified their previous victories in the opening leg and secured their place in the quarterfinal. In Men’s ETTU Cup Cajasur Priego TM beat Istres Tennis de Table and overcame the deficit from the previous leg.


Arteal Tenis de Mesa suffered at home soil against TMK-TAGMET Taganrog. Tatiana SANTOS beat Valentina SABITOVA in the opening match, and that was the only point for the hosts. Margarita FETIUKHINA overcame Roxana IAMANDI, Yulia PROKHOROVA prevailed against Raquel BONILLA and SANTOS failed to stop FETIUKHINA. In the opening leg TAGMET won in straight matches.


CP Lyssois Lille Métropole concluded the Fourth Round with two 3:0 victories over TTV Lybrae Heerlen. Tamolwan KHETKHUAN, Sanja KORAK and Agnès LE LANNIC prevailed against Rachel GERARTS, Shuohan MEN and Elena TIMINA.


In France, in Men’s ETTU Cup, Andre SILVA and Carlos MACHADO, both overcame WU Zhang Jiaji, whilst HAN Qiyao secured another point for Cajasur Priego TM by beating Paul GAUZY. Samuel WALKER prevailed against Carlos MACHADO to win only point for Istres Tennis de Table. Both teams won by 3:1 margin, but the results in games was 17:14  for Priego in overall score.

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