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Champions League Men - 28 Dec 2018

Angers vs. Walter Wels – a good draw for both sides!

Photo: Courtesy Vaillante Sports Angers / Alain PAPILLON

Angers’ president Gérard SARAZIN comments TTCLM quarter-finals draw


It is not usual case having both sides satisfied after one draw, but recent 2018/19 TTCLM quarter-final draw saw both, Angers and Walter Wels in that mood. These two teams will play their first leg in Austria, on January 25th (19:30 CET), while the second one is scheduled for February 8th (19:30 CET). They are happy to get a chance to play one against another.


“I think this is a good draw for the both teams! I really believe it is 50/50. We didn't want to play against Pontoise because it is a French team. So, all is possible, and we were very happy to finish first in group stage (first time in TTCLM). Our goal is to reach the TTCLM semi-final with the necessity to make a good result in Austria and provide a good atmosphere for our people in the second leg”, stated Gérard SARAZIN, president of Vaillante Sports Angers.

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