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Member Associations - 8 Aug 2018

Belarus TTF: New President elected

Photo: BTTF / Vladimir ZDANOVICH

Belarus Table Tennis Federation elections


During an extraordinary conference of the Belarus Table Tennis Federation Alexandre PETKEVITCH was elected as the new President of the Federation. Vladimir AMARIN, who headed the Federation since December 28, 2011, resigned from his post as President due to the large employment at the main place of work.


Noting the great personal contribution to the development of table tennis in the Republic of Belarus, the establishment of the Federation's activities, the Presidium decided to award Vladimir AMARIN with the Honorary Badge of the Federation and a souvenir plaque.


As the President of the Belarus Table Tennis Federation, Vladimir AMARIN was replaced by Alexandre PETKEVITCH. For 26 years, he was the First Deputy President. Vladimir AMARIN noted the important role of Alexandre PETKEVITCH in the successful development of table tennis in Belarus:

“He has the main burden in the work of the Federation, which he combines with his duties as a head coach of the national team of the Republic of Belarus. He holds the title of "Honored Coach of the Republic of Belarus" and a professional of the highest class”.


After the election, Alexandre PETKEVITCH noted that he would make every effort to ensure that table tennis continued to develop, both in the international arena and in the country:

“Thank you for your trust. There are experienced people among the members of the board and the Presidium, who will help me in my work and who will always support by word and deed. I hope that, taking into account your support, we will cope with all the tasks that our Federation faces”.


Following the results of the extraordinary conference Vladimir AMARIN joined the supervisory board of the Belarus Table Tennis Federation.

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