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Development - 11 Apr 2018

Experts selected European team for the ITTF HOPES WEEK & CHALLENGE Camp in Alicante

2018 ETTU Hopes Selection Camp, Luxembourg


In cooperation with ETTU and Development Manager, CTTC / FLTT organised ETTU Hopes Selection Camp 2018 for the ETTU players born 2006 / 2007 in Luxembourg from April 2nd - 9th 2018. The total of 30 players (15 girls, 15 boys) from 14 NA’s and 8 practice partners (18 coaches in total) participated during the eight days of work.


“In recent years, ITTF, ETTU, CTTA and CTTC are committed to cadet and junior table tennis development in the European and even the world, and invested a great deal of strength to that purpose. Many training camps activities gave a significant effect. Due to the fact that most participants are 10-12 years old, and at the beginning of their playing careers, their basics and fundamentals are relatively weak, this training camp was very important for them. Therefore, on requests of the ETTU, the objectives of the camp were to: help young players learn fundamental knowledge of the sport of table tennis, grasp the proper strokes of individual skills, acquire and establish training methods of fundamentals and core skills, experience the competition system, enhance tournament capabilities, raise coaching skills through discussions with trainers,” stated in the report signed by Head Coach (CTTC / FLTT) Martin OSTERMANN.


Evaluation Team selected (6 criteria) 3 boys and 3 girls representing Europe to take part in the ITTF HOPES WEEK & CHALLENGE Camp in Alicante July 30th - August 5th.


1. Earley Sophie (IRL) 148,5 points

2. Baiasu Ioana (ROU) 144,0 points

   Bianca Mei Rosu (ROU). 140,0 points

3. Nora Tanacs (HUN) 137, 0 points


4. Katerina Pisarova (CZE) 133,5 points

5. Sarah Radak (SRB) 131,5 points

6. Sofia Couce (ESP) 130,0 points

7. Enisa Sadikovic (LUX) 123,5 points


1. Julian Chirita (ROU) 152,0 points

   Dragos Bujur (ROU)   146,5 points

2. Stepan Brehel (CZE) 143,0 points

3. Dursun Ugurcan (TUR) 140,5 points


4. Tom Closset (BEL) 137,5 points

5. Xavier Wats (BEL) 127,5 points

6.Martin Sip (CZE) 127,0 points

7. Conner Green (ENG) 126,0 points



LI Xiaodong (China, CTTC)

ZHANG Yining (China, CTTC)

Martin OSTERMANN (Luxembourg, Organizer)

CHENG Xia (Luxembourg, Organizer)



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