European Championships

Galia DVORAK, The new Chair of the ETTU Athletes' Commission

Photo: Rémy Gros

The European Table Tennis Union is delighted to announce Galia DVORAK (Spain) as the new Chair of its Athletes’ Commission. Galia will be a co-opted member of the Executive Board for a four year term with the remit of representing the interests and views of table tennis players in Europe.”

How do you feel about the new position?


“Well of course I’m very happy but I could say that I feel a little pressure because I would like to do a good job and be useful in this position. My duties will be to coordinate communication between the players and the ETTU board.”

What are your goals and specific objectives?


“My goal is for the ideas and thoughts of the players to be heard. From the couple of meetings I have attended with ETTU, members of the Executive Board are really open to improve things. At the moment, there are lots of changes happening in international table tennis and at European level, for example the ranking system and changes to the system of the European competitions. I would like to see the ideas of the ETTU about these competitions are acceptable for the players.”

What would you like to do differently or better than your predecessor?


“I’m not really aware of what kind of job he did or what he was doing well or wrong so I cannot really say what I can do better, but I will do for sure the best I can. I am a very open person: I speak many languages, I’ve been playing for national team for so many years, so I know so many-many-many players, but still I am young, only 29 and I expect to play a few more years so I can give also this input or a vision as a player.


Table Tennis legend Vladimir SAMSONOV (BLR) is the re-elected Chairman of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Athletes' Commission. Will you ask for his advice before difficult decisions?


“I have a good relationship with Vladimir. I think that we will exchange opinions. I guess everyone can because he is a really nice person. I can also get some of his inputs and ideas, also some of his experience, I can learn something from him.


“Table tennis has been present in my life since my childhood because my parents were also international table tennis players. I am coached and trained by my mother, Flora Khasanova. I am also right-handed, and use the classic grip. I made my official debut, as a 20-year-old at the 2008 Summer Olympics and I have qualified for three Summer Olympics overall. I am a team member of the Spanish Women’s Team in Liebherr 2017 ITTF-European Team Championships. I am ranked no. 105 in the world by the ITTF, and no 37. in the European by the ETTU.”