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Champions League Men - 8 Oct 2017

Stella Sport La Romagne proud to be part of TTCLM

Photo: Courtesy Stella Sport la Romagne

“We hope to learn a lot from this competition and, why not, reach the quarterfinals”, stated coach Fabrice COUTOLLEAU between Round 1 (3:2 vs. Walter Wels) and Round 2 (Oct 12th, vs. Ochsenhausen)


Actual ETTU Cup winner Stella Sport La Romagne targets 2017/18 TTCLM quarter-finals, at least. They beat Walter Wels 3:2 in their debut in TTCLM, while this Thursday (October 12th, 19:30 CET) will host 2009 runner-up TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen.


“After winning the TT Intercup in 2004 and the ETTU Cup in 2017 the club of La Romagne participates for the first time in its history to the Champions League and I must say that everyone is very playful to the idea to rub against the biggest of Europe”, stressed Guy SOULARD, president of the club founded almost half century ago (1968).


Coach Fabrice COUTOLLEAU hopes that his side will take one of two top spots in the Group C:


“It is a great pride to have this group take part in the Champions League. It`s a new march that the club is climbing this year and the victory in the opening round, despite players tense enough, we reassurance on the competitiveness of our team. We hope to learn a lot from this competition and why not reach the quarterfinals. It would be a great satisfaction.”


CHEN Tianyuan, who became La Romagne member 11 years ago, won two matches in the opening round against Austrian club. He said it was very important for him, to commence the season in that manner:


“We did a good job in the Round 1 and I am very happy to have brought two points to our team.”

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