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Member Associations - 21 Oct 2017

Manolis Kolymbadis again elected Secretary General of the Hellenic Olympic Committee

From Friday night, the chairman of the Hellenic Table Tennis Federation Manolis KOLIMBADIS continues his work as Secretary General of the Hellenic Olympic Committee. He had taken this very honorary position for the first time in February 2017, but in July the elections in the H.O.C. were annulled by court order and for more than three months there was no administration. The elections were held again on October 20 and Manolis Kolymbadis was elected as General Secretary for the period 2017-2020.
In a total of 22 sports federations that voted, they got 21 votes and there was a white one. The president was re-elected for the third consecutive four-year term by Spyros Kapralos with 22-0 votes. There were 5 federations absent.
"Reelection is solemn and this is again a great honor, which primarily reflects on table tennis and then on my face. It also demonstrates that the sport is highly valued in the field of the sports movement», said the secretary general of the H.O.C.
«In all these months, from July to the present day, where H.O.C. did not have the administration, the positive energy of the world of the table tennis urged me to re-nominate and to be honest. It is now time for work, starting on Tuesday, we have the flame of Ancient Olympia for the Winter Olympics. Even the flame delivery to the Korean organizers, on the 30th of the month at the Panathenaic Stadium, we want to demonstrate to all the leadership of the International Olympic Committee, which will be present in Athens in that time, that the sports movement is united and leaves behind of all the introversion of about 9 months that preceded it. As far as I personally concerned, as I did in my five-month term in my first term at IOC, I will do my utmost to meet my duties, without, of course, neglecting the duty, I am facing the sport world as president of the federation. I would like to thank all the fellow representatives of the sports federations, who honored me with their vote, and in particular President Spyros Kapralos, who since February has surrounded me with his trust and love», added Manolis KOLIMBADIS who is in Ancient Olympia and will receive on Sunday, together with Spyros KAPRALOS, the president of the International Olympic Committee Thomas BACH from Andravida Air Base.

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