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Europe Top-16 Cup - 18 Oct 2017

Dimitrij OVTCHAROV leads the Europe’s challenge

Photo: ITTF

2017 Men’s World Cup


The Liebherr 2017 Men’s World Cup will be held in the Country hall de Liège. It is the fourth time that Belgium has hosted the tournament; the previous occasions being in Verviers in 2013 and in Liège in 2005 & 2008.


The 20 players taking part at the Liebherr 2017 Men’s World Cup qualified through their Continental Cups, apart from World Champion MA Long (CHN), host representative Cedric NUYTINCK (BEL) and wildcard entry Marcos Freitas (POR).


The 20 players who contest the Liebherr 2017 Men’s World Cup comprise:


  • The current World Champion
  • 17 players who qualified through their respective Continental Cups.
  • If no players qualify from the host association through the above, the host association may nominate a player
  • The final player is chosen by the ITTF as a wildcard.


How the 17 places are determined through the Continental Cup:

  • The winner of each Continental Cup, plus the second and third highest finishers from Asia and Europe qualify; a total of 10 players.
  • Seven additional players are selected from the Continental Cups based on their order of finishing and their World Ranking. The highest ranked player amongst players finishing second in Africa, Latin America, North America, Oceania, and fourth in Asia and Europe, are selected. The highest ranked next player from the remaining players in the top most places on the qualifying positions from each Continental Cup, are selected, and so on, until the seven places are filled.


#      WR – Oct 2017           Player                Qualification Method

1          1          MA Long (CHN 1)                    World Champion

2          36        Quadri ARUNA (NGR)              African Cup Winner

3          9          LIN Gaoyuan (CHN2)               Asian Cup Winner

4          112      Gustavo TSUBOI (BRA)            Pan American Cup Winner

5          228      Kanak JHA (USA)                     Pan American Cup (2nd player)

6          339      David POWELL (AUS)                 Oceania Cup Winner

7          4          Dimitrij OVTCHAROV (GER 1)     Europe Cup Winner

8          16        LEE Sangsu (KOR 1)                  Asian Cup 3rd  place (2nd   Qualifier)

9          33        CHEN Chien-An (TPE 1)             Asian Cup 4th  place (3rd   Qualifier)

10        41        Alexander SHIBAEV (RUS)          Europe Cup 2nd  place (2nd   Qualifier)

11        13        Simon GAUZY (FRA)                  Europe Cup 3rd  place (3rd   Qualifier)

12        7          Jun MIZUTANI (JPN 1)               Continental Cup Qualifier 1

13        34        KOU Lei (UKR)                          Continental Cup Qualifier 2

14        5          Timo BOLL (GER 2)                  Continental Cup Qualifier 3

15        21        Omar ASSAR (EGY)                  Continental Cup Qualifier 4

16        36        JEONG Sangeun (KOR 2)            Continental Cup Qualifier 5

17        15        CHUANG Chih-Yuan (TPE 2)         Continental Cup Qualifier 6

18        8          Koki NIWA (JPN 2)                     Continental Cup Qualifier 7

19        7          Cedric NUYTINCK (BEL)              Host

20        19        Marcos FREITAS (POR)              Wild card



Prize Money


Winner:           US$45,000

Runner up:      US$25,000

3rd  place:       US$15,000

4th  place:        US$10,000

5th – 8th  place:          US$6,000

9th  – 16th  place:       US$3,250

17th  – 20th  place:     US$1,250


Total:   US$150,000



Most Successful Men’s World Cup Players


Ma Lin (CHN)                       4   (2006, 2004, 2003, 2000)

Vladimir Samsonov (BLR)      3   (2009, 2001, 1999)

Wang Hao (CHN)                  3   (2010, 2008, 2007)

MA Long (CHN)                     2  (2015, 2012)



Most Men’s World Cup Appearances


Jean-Michel Saive (BEL)        18

Jan-Ove Waldner (SWE)        18

Vladimir Samsonov (BLR)     17

Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE)      14


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