European Championships

Portugal and Austria in the same Group

Photo: Rémy Gros ITTF

ITTF European Championships Team Events Stage 1 draw


ITTF European Championships Team Events Stage 1 draw took place in Stockholm today, during the Swedish Open. The opening stage will be held in period between 2018 and 2019.


Top 18 teams are in A section. In each, Men’s and Women’s Event there are 6 groups with three teams. In B groups there are 21 men’s teams and 17 Women’s.


2018-1019 European Championships Men


Draw Stage 1 – A

Group A 1: Portugal, Austria, Hungary.

Grooup A 2: Slovenia, Romania, Belgium.

Group A 3: Sweden, Spain, Denmark.

Group A 4: Croatia, Poland, Turkey.

Group A 5: Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus.

Group A 6: Greece, Russia, Luxembourg.


Draw Stage 1 – B

Group B 1: Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Iceland.

Grooup B 2: Italy, Israel, Norway, Kosovo.

Group B 3: Netherlands, Estonia, Montenegro.

Group B 4: Lithuania, Ireland, Ayerbaijan, San Marino.

Group B5: England, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Group B 6: Finland, Switzerland, Scotland.


2018-1019 European Championships Women


Draw Stage 1 – A

Group A 1: Germany, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan.

Grooup A 2: Netherlands, Croatia, Italy.

Group A 3: Russia, Sweden, Belarus.

Group A 4: Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain.

Group A 5: Austria, Portugal, Switzerland.

Group A 6: Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia.


Draw Stage 1 – B

Group B 1: Serbia, Bulgaria, Scotland.

Grooup B 2: Turkey, Senmark, Estonia, Kosovo.

Group B 3: England, Greece, Norway.

Group B 4: Lithuania, Israel, Finland, Iceland.

Group B5: Belgium, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.




Stage 1 A groups and B groups


27th February 2018                 1v3        1v3, 2v4 (for B groups with 4 teams)


27th March 2018                     2v1        2v1, 4v3


22nd May 2018                       3v2        3v2, 1v4


2nd October 2018                  3v1        3v1, 4v2


20th November 2018            1v2        1v2, 3v4


4th December 2018               2v3        2v3, 4v1


The winner of the previous European Championships (Team Events) Germany and Romania, and the host for the final stage of the Championships will not take part in stage 1 and will proceed directly to the final stage of the Championships.


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