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European Championships - 10 Nov 2017

French city of Nantes to host 2019 European Championships Team Events Final Stage

The Championships will be held during September 2019 with 24 men’s teams and 24 women’s teams


The European Table Tennis Union Executive Board is pleased to announce the European Championships Team Events Final Stage will be hosted by the French Federation (FFTT) in the city of Nantes during September 2019. New format has been approved two months ago and starting from 2018 the European Teams Championships will be played over a period of two years and be concluded with the final stage with 24 men’s teams and 24 women’s teams in odd numbered years.


“ETTU's Executive Board is very pleased, even excited that our friends from the French Table Tennis Federation have taken up the glove of organizing the Final Stage of our new European Championships in the hospitable city of Nantes in 2019. Of course, the first two stages of the Championships will be played 'all over Europe' first, before the last 24 teams come to Nantes”, stated ETTU President Ronald KRAMER.


The European Teams Championships will commence next year with stages one and two. They will be played over a period up to 18 months. The winner of the previous European Championships and the host for the final stage of the Championships will not take part in Stage One and will proceed directly to the final stage of the Championships. The aim of new format is to have a more exciting European Championships, to attract more attention from media, spectators and TV/internet. With these changes all the participating associations has the possibility to be European Team Champion.


“I am fully confident that in September 2019 we will witness another very well organized table tennis event, like our French colleagues have shown so often to be able to do. Preparing their bid so short after the decision in our Congress in Luxembourg last September also shows the dedication we know from our French colleagues”, stressed Ronald KRAMER.


“I am very happy and very proud that France organizes these European Championships Team events in 2019. This is a great honor and I would like to thank the ETTU's executive board for its confidence”, stressed FFTT President Christian PALIERNE.


The final stage will be organized in September over a period of 6 days. The winner of previous European Championships, the host Association and 22 teams which have proceeded through stage 1 and stage 2 will contest the final stage.


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