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ETTU Cup Men - 2 May 2017

Great pressure on Emmanuel LEBESSON

ETTU Cup final


Vaillante Sports Angers TT will meet Stella Sport La Romagne in this year’s final of the ETTU Cup. Two French clubs showed the most this season, so everyone is hope for thrilling closure on May 5th and 12th.


President of the Vaillante Angers Tennis de Table Gérard SARAZIN explained:


“For us our priority is to stay in Pro A and for that we need to have more points to be sure to stay. My team is currently in a good shape. We are ready for battles on both fronts.“


What is you expectations before the final?


“For the final there is no other option but to win! However, we know that it will be very difficult. In the Championship, last match we played in La Romagne and we lost 3/0, they have two good Chinese players...”


Club members knows each other very well.


“Of course that we know well each other, because there are only 60kms between the two cities. In the past we were better but now the second Chinese has changed everything and la Romagne is for sure better. In Angers at the first match we won 3/1 but the second foreign player was not arrived because he played in Chinese league.”


President SARAZIN added:


“For us everything will depend on Emmanuel LEBESSON, European championship. We have to overcame the bad record he lost 2 out of 2 against la Romagne in Championship.”


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