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World Championships - 29 May 2017

German team ready for the challenge in Dusseldorf

Photo: Rémy Gros ITTF

LIEBHERR 2017 World Championships



Playing in the hall just 15 minutes away from his home, gave Dimitrij OVTCHAROV extra energy and motivation, admitted World’s no. 5, best seeded European and Olympic bronze medal winner in 2012 at the press conference held today in the Messe Dusseldorf, the venue of the LIEBHERR 2017 World Championships.


“Dimitrij is living here, and I am playing for Borussia for 10 years now. It is special feeling to play the Worlds in this city. We have a lot of friends and family members here. We also expects a great support from the home crowd,” said BOLL.


BOLL is seeded at the position no. 8.


“I recovered completely from the knee injury. I am fully prepared and certainly in much better shape comparing the same period year ago,” said BOLL.


Being so long at the very top, BOLL was asked to comment today’s game.


“Oh my God, did my game changed so much,” he joked.” It is not about the game. It is how you move in the court. As I said I am fit now, I move very well and that is the reason why I played much better.”


Timo will play with MA Long in doubles.


“His English improved very much, which is not the case with my Chinese…”laughs BOLL. ”We communicate in English. We already spoke about the forthcoming match and it is good that we are both focused on the first round. We are not talking who will come in third round, we are making one step in the time.”


Petrissa SOLJA will also play with Chinese player FANG Bo in the Mixed Doubles Event.


“When we have problem in communication, it is always my coach there to translate. We already had training together and I was nervous in the morning session, playing alongside him, but it was already better this afternoon.”


OVTCHAROV talked about the withdrawal from the German Championships.


“With so many big tournaments, you have to make priorities. Health is at the first place. I have to maintain fit for the Olympics or World championships, “ explained OVTCHAROV.

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