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Member Associations - 12 Mar 2017

Shanghai calls for table tennis students

Summer School in China Table Tennis College


Every year, China Table Tennis College enroll 20 members(age mainly needs to over 16 and below 20). Training fee is for free and member just need to pay their arrival and flight cost. This year's Summer School begins from 5th July to 1st August in Shanghai.


“We would like to give this chance to the European branch of CTTC. Later, we will select members, if they are lucky to be our members. Every year, it is a hot program in summer. Members will learn Chinese, play table tennis and have other cultural activity. Everyone get a lot during the 4 weeks, “ said Wenting Xu person in charge of the 2017 summer camp.


China Table Tennis College is the first professional institution of table tennis in the world which jointly established by Shanghai Municipal Government and Chinese Table Tennis Association and is located in Shanghai with teaching, training, scientific research and foreign exchange. It also has degree education of undergraduate, master, Ph.D. as well as the mission of cultivating outstanding youths. We hold the Summer School every year in order to further promote the development of world table tennis and improve the technical level of the youths from various countries.


The College will provide participants living accommodations, meals, related learning materials as well as domestic travel costs for free. International travel costs of participants should be paid by themselves.


This Summer School begins from 5th July to 1st August in Shanghai, China. Students will have table tennis training, learning traditional Chinese culture and extra-curricular practice like sightseeing tours etc. The event aims to improve the technical level of table tennis players and expand their horizons to better promote the common development of world table tennis.


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