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Member Associations - 3 Mar 2017

POTA and PATTANTYUS absent from the competition.

100th Hungarian National Championships


The 100th Hungarian National Championships will be held from 4th March to 5th March in the Arena of Erd (ERD). Winners will be awarded in 5 categories Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles.


In absence of PATTANTYUS there is no main favorite in the men competition. Among the favorites, we can mention the title holder Tamas LAKATOS,  Janos JAKAB and Peter FAZEKAS already won the throphy several times, they also will try to enrich their treasuary. But they will have to be careful with the youngsters, like Adam SZUDI, Bence MAJOROS or Nandor ECSEKI.


The highest ranked hungarian player on the ITTF World Ranking Georgina POTA won't be at Erd due to flu. So we can say the same as in the men competition, there is no clear favorite. Few names from the list, who will run for the title: Dora MADARASZ and Krisztina AMBRUS are former champions, but we cannot forget Szandra PERGEL and Mercedesz NAGYVARADI from the national team. For sure, they will try to prove to their new national team coach Zoltan BATORFI, how good they are.




Men's Singles:  Tamas LAKATOS

Women's Singles: Georgina POTA

Men's Doubles: Bence MAJOROS, Marton SZITA

Women's Doubles:  Krisztina AMBRUS, Mercedesz NAGYVARADI

Mixed Doubles:  Krisztian NAGY, MercEdesz NAGYVARADI



4 March – Women's Doubles (qualification) and Men's Doubles (qualification), Mixed Doubles (qualification and main draw), Men's Doubles and Singles - Qualification


5 March – Men's Doubles and Singles (main draw)

Women's Doubles and Singles (main draw)

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