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ETTU Cup Women - 3 Apr 2017

Bursa seaks their revenge against Lyssois Lille Metropole

Women’s ETTU Cup


In the opening leg of the Women’s ETTU Cup Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyespor beat CP Lyssois Lille Metropole. In France, hey succeded by narow margin 3:2. European Champion, HU Melek was a back bone of the success with two wins over Agnès LE LANNIC and Yue WU.


Next week Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyespor she hopes to seal the match victoriously.


“I want that final. I feel good, my performance is at the top level and I trust my team mates very much. As you know, I had many successes with Turkish national team and clubs, now I am aiming for the title in European Cup. However, firstly, I want to bring the final to Bursa,” said HU Melek.


In the opening leg Alexandra PRIVALO lost her encounter against Yue WU, but beat Agnes LELANNIC in the fourth match to conclude the duel.


“We're expecting one stronger player to play against us this time, BERNADETTE. She didn't play in the first match, as she was injured, however now she's fine and she will attend to second event. So, the match won't be that easy for us to get the victory agan, but we are sure that we will do our best to reach the final. This time we will play in Bursa, so we trust in our fans, they will provide the support we need,” said PRIVALOVA.


Simay, she's the only Turkey-born lady of ETTU and she is one of the youngest players in the Cup. She is first year senior.


“To play on this level of competition is the important chance for me. I am the only young Turkish player who has this chance on the Continental level, so I am very ambitious. This match means a lot to me, this match is most important one in my career so far. I will play at my best and I hope this will bring the victory to us.”


Coach Mehmet ASLAN remainded that club Management stays firmly behind the club.


“Our club's Managers have been making a serious investment in our team in recent years. We are working hard to bring sucess to Bursa, In order to accomplish this, we've set a really impressive team soul, we are working hard and we are aiming the top. We lost the Cup just on the last match last year against Lille. This year, we are facing Lille on the semi-final; we have learnt many things from last year. It's time to use this experience and reach the final. We are ambitious, we are excited and we are ready.”


Bursa has won Turkish Cup just two days ago.


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