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Member Associations - 5 Mar 2017

5th gold for LI Qian and Daniel GORAK

85th Polish National Championships


At the 85th Polish National Championships held in Czestochowie LI Qian and Daniel GORAK won gold medals in their respective Women’s and Men’s Singles Events.


In the final of the Women’s Singles Event LI Qian beat Katarzyną GRZYBOWSKĄ-FRANC 4:3 (8,5,8,-2,-7,-7,5) to clinch her fifth title (2009, 2011, 2012 and 2016). Natalia PARTYKA and Roksana ZAŁOMSKA lost their encounters in the semi final. However it was the third medal this year for ZALOMSKA. She also reached the medal rostrum in Doubles and Mixed Doubles.


Daniel GORAK regained his title. This is his fifth after he succeeded in 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015. In the final 33 years old player beat Marek BADOWSKI 4:3 (6, 6, -9, -7, 8, -5, 9). Bronze medals winners are Jakub DYJAS and WANG Zeng Yi.


European vice-champions, Jakub DYJAS and Daniel GORAK beat Patryk CHOJNOWSKI and XU Wenliang 3:2 (11:5, 7:11, 11:9, 10:12, 11:5) to secure their title in the Men’s Doubles Event. In the semi final they overcame Patryk ZATOWKA, Paweł FERTIKOWSKI and Daniel BAK, Robert FLORAS.


Katarzyna GRZYBOWSKA-FRANC and Natalia PARTYKA lost only one game on their way to the fifth title at the Women’s Doubles Event (2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016). They overcame Roksana ZAŁOMSKA and Katarzyna ŚLIFIRCZYK 3:0 (3, 8, 2). Bronze medalists are Klaudia KUSIŃSKA, Paulina Krzysiek and Natalia BAJOR, Sandra WABIK.


Only 19 years old Patryk ZATOWKA and 17 years old Julia SLAZAK won the title in the Mixed Doubles Event. In the final they overcame Szymon MALICKI and Roksana ZAŁOMSKA 3:1 (7, -7, 9, 4)


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