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European Veterans Championships - 27 Jun 2017

The day for doubles at the European Veteran Championship

By some of the older players the 40-year olds are called “juniors” and by some even for “cadets”, how ever they called them they feel like kids once again.

The second day of the European Veteran Championship is doubles day for all ages except for over 40 year olds who both play singles and doubles this day. Due to their “low” age they are considered to manage this better than older age categories.


When the group stage of the over 40 was finished the older players had the opportunity to challenge each other by the table and as usual the fighting spirit was high but with a laughter and a smile nearby. The completion is important for most of the players but other values are also important at the same time. This is proven by all the screams, laughter, hugs, applause, selfies, groupies and smiles from all corners of the arena. A little bit of both fighting spirit and camaraderie.


Wednesday is free for the players and many take the opportunity to see the city or maybe go by boat over to Denmark meanwhile other prepare for the tournament to start again on Friday by training in the arena. On Thursday we go again, with either consolation tournament or the main event, either way lots of matcher will be played with high spirit.

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