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World Championships - 5 Jun 2017

DTTB President GEIGER: Celebration of the sport

LIEBHERR 2017 World Championships


For a last three days the 8,000 sell-out crowd in Messe Düssledorf were treated to a show of world-class table tennis in action. However, it was not only the weekend that was sold out, on Thursday LIEBHERR 2017 World Championships hosted additional 1.200 spectators in second playing hall and all in all 58.000 spectators watched the matches live from last Monday.


That was the figures presented by the President of the German Table Tennis Federation Michael GEIGER.


“For ITTF this Championships was nothing but the success. I knew it already, when I saw the venue, when we sold the tickets. We have great partners: DTTB, City of Dusseldorf, Messe Dusselforf, our sponsors, which were able to produce the Championships at such level. It is difficult for me to speak as I am German, so I will quote our Marketing department Director who said ”Amazing”, as well as SAMSONOV, the head of the Athletes Commission, who told me that there were no complains about the playing conditions, food, shuttles, accommodation…everything what is essential for the top class players. Only negative part is the lack of presence from the people of the Government,” said ITTF President Thomas WEIKERT.


DTTB President Michael GEIGER spoke about the aim for this Championships.


“We wanted to do exactly what happened here. We produced the event in which the spectators were able to enjoy to the maximum. We wanted to show the other face of the competition as a celebration of a sport for all and to make party of it. By seeing so much enthusiasm in the crowd I am sure we succeeded,” said DTTB President GEIGER.


The impact to city of Dusseldorf is huge.


“We are already known as a sport s city and I am happy that all our guests had one more time chance to feel our hospitality, to enjoy our City, our weather and lifestyle,” said Lord Mayor of Dusseldorf Thomas GEISEL.

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