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Other Events - 24 Jun 2017

Gold for Walbrzych and Kazan

Photo: Frantisek ZALEWSKY

European Universities Table Tennis Championship in Olomouc


The Team’s Event at the European Universities Table Tennis Championship in Olomouc concluded. The Angelus Silesius State School of Walbrzych from Poland clinched the title, in Women category gold medal will travel to Kazan Innovative University from Russia. Winning teams justified their rankings – both were top seeds . They both didn´t lose any match in the tournament and well deservedly celebrated the gold.


Table tennis from Technical University of Ostrava achieved big success. They advanced to the final in which they lost after a big battle against the big favorite of the tournament from Walbrzych.


The men from Technical University of Ostrava were the best among Czech university teams. Ostrava composed of Ondrej BAJGER, Michal BENES, Roman REZETKA gained silver medal and in comparison to previous academic championship they improved by four places.


“We did not expect easy victory “ admitted Michal BENES after the semifinal match. “After an embarrassed beginning we gradually got calmer. Mainly Ondra played excellent. The final will be hard. Poles from Walbrzych are really great. We played against them last year at the Universiade in Zagreb. We lost 0:3, had not many chances and also they played without FERTIKOWSKY. The Polish team is surely the favorite of the final match. We will fight and we will see if it´s enough“ adds Michal BENES.


In the second semifinal athletes from Polish Superleague FLORAS, CHODORSKI and FERIKOWSKI encountered with strong team from Magnitogorsk whose star is GERASSIMENKO. This duel was called as final before final by some participants. But the result finished clearly in favor of The Angelus Silesius State School of Walbrzych.


In the final match the players from Technical University of Ostrava kept up bravely with the favorite from Walbrzych. After great performance of Ondrej BAJGER who gained two points, in the decisive match Pawel FERTIKOWSKI beat Michal BENES to secure tight victory of The Angelus Silesius State School of Walbrzych.


“It was enormously hard match. Czech boys put us under severe pressure. We beat them easily 3:0 at the Universiade one year ago. Today our team was stronger than in Zagreb and still it was a big battle. All the singles were so close. I am happy we finally succeeded but it was not easy at all.“ summarized Tomasz DURAJCZYK, the coach of Walbrzychu.


The women teams event was dominated by Kazan Innovative University. Table tennis players from the Russian university won against University of Paris 13 in the semifinal and also against ¬Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa in the final, 3:0 in both matches. Anna BLAZHKOVA, Ekaterina GUSEVA and Svetlana MOKHNACHEVA were excellent having gone through the tournament without any problems.


Out of the two Czech universities in the women category University of Economics Prague was doing the best. Prague finished on the shared 7th place position, Palacký University Olomouc took 9th place after the final win against University of Porto.


Teams competition - Results:

Men’s - semifinal

Technical University of Ostrava (CZECH REPUBLIC) - Kozminski University (POLAND) 3:0

Michal Benes – Antoni Witkowski 3:0 (6,8,7), Ondrej Bajger – Tomasz Wisniewski 3:0 (12,10,6), Roman Rezetka – Pavel Koziel 3:0 (4,10,5).

The Angelus Silesius State School of Walbrzych (POLAND) - Magnitogorsk State Technical University 3:0

Robert Floras – Ilya Zhidkov 3:0 (5,5,6), Pawel Fertikowski – Kirill Gerassimenko 3:2 (9,-8,6,-5,10), Piotr Chodorski – Bekulan Zhamal 3:0 (6,10,4). 


The Angelus Silesius State School of Walbrzych - Technical University of Ostrava 3:2

Robert Floras – Michal Benes 3:1 (-8,8,8,5), Pawel Fertikowski – Ondrej Bajger 0:3 (-5,-10,-15), Piotr Chodorski - Roman Rezetka 3:1 (6,4,-9,6), Robert Floras - Ondrej Bajger 0:3 (-7,-9,-9), Pawel Fertikowski - Michal Benes 3:1 (6,8,-8,6).

5th – 8th place:

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (FINLAND) - University of Nottingham (UNITED KINGDOM) 3:2, Rzeszow University of Technology (POLAND) - Saarland University (GERMANY) 3:0.

9th – 12th place:

University of Poitiers (FRANCE) - Istanbul Aydin University (TURKEY) 3:2, Stockholm School of Economics (SWEDEN) – University of Zurich (SWITZERLAND) 2:3.

13th – 16th place:

VU University of Amsterdam (NETHERLANDS) - University of Gothenburg (SWEDEN) 1:3, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NORWAY) - Marmara University (TURKEY) 2:3.

17th – 20th place:

University Palacky Olomouc – University Of Western Brittany 1:3, University of Porto – Nottingham Trent University 3:1.


Women’s - semifinal

Kazan Innovative University (RUSSIA) - University of Paris 13 (FRANCE) 3:0

Anna Blazhko – Qiwen Xiao 3:1 (7,-7,10,9), Ekaterina Guseva – Qwen Geronimi 3:2 (6,-6,9,-6,4), Svetlana Mokhnacheva – Kadidiatou Gouressy 3:0 (6,11,3).

¬Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa (POLAND) - University of Nottingham (UNITED KINGDOM) 3:1

Katarzyna Slifirzyk – Liu Haoyu 3:2 (13,9,-4,-7,9), Roksana Zalomska – Maria Tsaptsinos 3:1 (3,11,-9,8), Kinga Falarz  - Yolanda King 1:3 (-10,12,-6,-10), Roksana Zalomska - Liu Haoyu 3:2 (11,-5,6,-5,9).


¬Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa (POLAND) - Kazan Innovative University (RUSSIA) 0:3

Roksana Zalomska - Ekaterina Guseva 1:3 (-5,-11,3,-9), Katarzyna Slifirzyk – Anna Blazhko 1:3 (7,-9,-4,-6), Kinga Falarz - Svetlana Mokhnacheva 0:3 (-6,-8,7,-5).

5th – 8th place

University of Economics Prague (CZECH REPUBLIC) - University of Bordeaux (FRANCE) 1:3,

Kozminski University (POLAND) - University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw (POLAND) 3:2.

9th – 12th place

University Palacky Olomouc – University of Porto 3:0

Karolina Mynarova – Sara Costa 3:0 (6,4,9), Aneta Kucerova – Margarida Ribeiro 3:0 (6,1,5), Andrea Danova – Ines Texeira 3:0 (5,4,8). 

University of Amsterdam – University of Hamburk 0:3.

Complete result of European Universities Table Tennis Championship in Olomouc here:


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