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European Youth Championships - 15 Jul 2017

Gerrit ENGEMANN pushed Germany to Top 16


STAG 2017 European Youth Championships

The victory over the top seeded team of France and Slovenia day earlier, gave England enough space to secure the leading position in Group A even after the defeat against Poland. They stretched Poland to full distance and despite their victory, Polish side concluded the Group stage at the bottom. From the spot no. two France also progressed to the best 16 teams in the Junior Boys Teams Event at the STAG 2017 European Youth Championships.


“It was amazing win against France. I could not believe we did it. I felt well; my teammates were very supportive. In the match against BERTRAND it was very difficult for me to receive his service. He was very good, so I struggled to put the ball at the table,” said Tom JARVIS who eventually beat Irvin 3:1.


The yesterdays win left the team little bit without the fuel.


“I was tired and Poland had nothing to lose. They played risky. I was focused on every aspect of the game,” said JARVIS, who lived in Sweden.


JARVIS is familiar with the climate in Portugal. He was here earlier this year practicing for the Youth Championships in the High Performance Center in Vila Nova de Gaia.


In Group B Romania recorded three 3:0 win against Czech Republic, Denmark and Serbia. Czech Republic is second.


Whilst, Russia’s progress to Round of 16 was out of question, the battle for the spot no. two was fierce. Germany and Spain decided who would have afternoon off in direct clash. Germany was the better in the five matches duel.


Gerrit ENGEMANN gave Germany the dream start with the victory over Joan MASIP and he sealed the match with the victory over Francisco RUIZ.


“It was hard to come back after the defeat against Russia day earlier. That is why my victory in the opening match was very important. However, Spain managed to recover and they took the lead. We changed the approach. Played more aggressive and more important we were faster and moved better,” said ENGEMANN.


In group D, Italy beat the odds and from spot. no. two moved to the top with three victories. Belgium slipped one place below.

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