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European Youth Championships - 18 Jul 2017

Russia secured all Teams finals in Portugal

Photo: Carlos FERREIRA

Junior Boy’s Teams Event


By reaching the final of the Junior Boys Teams Event Russia secured all four teams final at the STAG 2017 European Youth Championships in Guimaraes. For the trophy they will play against Germany.


Sweden’s Truls MOREHARDH, Simon SUDERLUND and Jonathan THIMON stretched Russia’s Artur ABUSEV, Denis IVONIN and Lev KATSMAN to full five matches, before ABUSEV sealed the duel with only 3:0 victory. He beat SUDERLUND. MOREGARDH was only player to score for Sweden. He beat ABUSEV 3:1 and IVONIN 3:2.


“I am so tired after the match. I am just happy that we reached the final,” said ABUSEV.


Nervous wrecking clash between Germany and Romania conclude in the favor of Germany. Cristian PLETEA beat both Gerrit ENGEMANN and Tobias HIPPLER, but Germany proved to have a stronger team. Those two players with Cedric MEISSNER, all scored in semi final.


“It was very close match. In the quarterfinal we already played long match against Italy. I won the decisive match against PINTO. In the last game of the last match I was behind Rares SIPOS 5:10 and from that moment I was only focused on table tennis. Nothing else was around me,” said Gerrit ENGEMANN.” I am satisfied with my service and receive game. In the beginning I was to much passive and I realized that I have to attack ant o play to the middle. We lost against Russia in the group stage, but we are playing the final of our dreams and we want to win.”


After very good performance against England and 3:2 win day earlier, Sweden repeated the success and the result in the quarterfinal against Greece.


“We had a great team spirit and it helped us in both our duels,” said Jonathan THIMON who beat Dimitros KORDOUTIS in match in which Simon SODERLUND and Truls MOREGARDH also added their points to the score sheets.


Russia escaped long distance duel and finished the job in three matches against Belgium. Romania and Germany was forced to go full five matches. Germany beat Italy, whilst, Romania overcame France.


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