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European Youth Championships - 21 Jul 2017

Romania, Russia and France won medals in Junior Mixed Doubles

Photo: Henk HOMMES

STAG 2017 European Youth Championships


In the evening hours of the 8th day of the STAG 2017 European Youth Championships in Guimaraes four Mixed Doubles in junior category secured medals. Tomorrow at the penultimate phase Cristian PLETEA and Adina DIACONU of Romania will play against Denis IVONIN and Mariia TAILAKOVA of Russia, WHILST, Nikita ARTEMENKO and Anna KRASIKOVA of Russia will meet Jules ROLLAND and Lucie GAUTHIER of France.


In the quarterfinal PLETEA and DIACONU easily prevailed against YANG Xinyu and DENG Simeng of Azerbaijan (5, 11, 4).


“Before the match we did not know what to expect from them. We tried to play to the middle and forehand, since are really strong at the backhand. The second game that we 13:11 since they started to build their confidence. We halted them on time,” said PLETEA.


IVONIN and TAILAKOVA were under little pressure against Carlo ROSSI of Italy and Sabina SURJAN of Serbia (9, -6, 11, 10).


“In the previous round we were not good as today. In this match we finally settled into the rhythm together. ROSI was more dangerous then Sabina, so we had to attack him and to block his forehand, and play the ball short” said TAILAKOVA.”Sabina was not very strong today on top spin, but we had to be cautious, because on short ball she had good control.”


ARTEMENKO and KRASIKOVA overcame Nikita ARTEMENKO and Anna KRASIKOVA of Russia (12,6, -8, 9) and ROLLAND and GAUTHIER beat Kamil NALEPA and Julia SLAZAK of Poland (6, 10, 8).



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