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European Youth Championships - 22 Jul 2017

Great recovery for MOREGARDH and FRIIS

Photo: Carlos FERREIRA

STAG 2017 European Youth Championships


Top seeds in Cadet Boys Doubles Event Vladimir SIDORENKO and Maksim GREBNEV of Russia secured the place at the medal rostrum at the STAG 2017 European Youth Championships in Portugal. In the quarterfinal they overcame Olav KOSOLOSKY and Adrien RASSENFOSSE of Belgium 3:1.


Today they will meet Jules CAVAILLE and Myshaal SABHI of France. French pairings overcame Heorhi KUNATS and Mikhail TSYHANOUSKI of Belarus. In the lower half of the draw Bilal HAMACHE and Dorian ZHENG of France beat Samuel KULCZYCKI and Maciej KUBIK of Poland 3:0.


“At the beginning we were nervous because we played for the medal. We suffered by their hands in the past. We were excited and we screamed after each point. Polish players always wanted to flip the ball so we adjust our service to block that. We won a lot of points with the service game,” said Bilal HAMACHE.


French pairings will meet Truls MOREGARDH and Martin FRIIS of Sweden. Daniel RINDERER and Felix WETZEL of Germany lost their encounter in quarters 3:2.


“We were 0:2 down because we gave our adversaries chance to attack. In the third game we were ready to recover and to change the course of the match. Tactically we forced them to play our game,” said MOREGARDH.


The places at the medal rostrum in cadet Girl’s Doubles Event will be distributed between Russia, Germany and Turkey. Russia has representatives in both semis. Ekaterina ZIRONOVA and Elizabet ABRAAMIAN of Russia beat Adriana Elena ZAHARIA and Luciana Camelia MITROFAN of Romania in straight games. Today they will meet Sophia KLEE and Anastasia BONDAREVA of Germany who prevailed against Şükran CANGIR and Betul TOZ of Turkey by same margin.


“We won opening game, but we were in reverse in the next one. However, we managed to win by narrow margin. We put a lot of rotation to our first ball to angels and direct to body of our adversaries. Their service was long and we faced difficulties to answer that ball, “ said BONDAREVA.


Arina SLAUTINA and Nataliya MALININA of Russia beat Darya KISEL and Ulyana AKLHOUSKAYA of Belarus and they will play against Ozge YILMAZ and Ece HARAC of Turkey. Turkish pairings overcame Jamila LAURENTI of Italy and Natalia BRINZA of Moldova 3:1.


“We are so happy, now we have a medal. We played to the forehand of both our adversaries, since both had defense rubbers on the backhands,” said Ozge YILMAZ.



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