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European Youth Championships - 22 Jul 2017

Mariia TAILAKOVA vs. Anastasia KOLISH for the final

Photo: Carlos FERREIRA

STAG 2017 European Youth Championships


With two juniors in the semi final of the Girls Singles Event, Russia continued with their dominancy at the STAG 2017 European Youth Championships in Portugal. Mariia TAILAKOVA of Russia beat Luisa SAGER of Germany in the quarters (6, 7, 8, -10, 5), whilst Anastasia KOLISH overcame Andreea DRAGOMAN of Romania (10, -8, 8, 6, 6).


“I was not nervous, nor under pressure. The exception was the last game, when I had to close the match in fifth game. It is my first medal in singles. I am so happy that I won it, because last time when I played against DRAGOMAN I lost,” said KOLISH.


Unfortunately for Russia, only one will reach the finals, since they will meet each other tomorrow morning.


In other semi final top seeded Adina DIACONU of Romania will play against NING Jing of Azerbaijan. DIACONU beat Jennie WOLF of Germany (6, 7, 6, -12, 10). NING overcame Kristina KAZANTSEVA of Russia (-9, 9, 5, 8, 8).


“In the two last games, I had a hard time. WOLF found the answer to my game. I put a lot of spin to my balls and try to get German player far from the table. I never lost against her and since I was out of the game in all other Events I feel even more motivated to reach the title in singles,” said Adina.


In the Cadet Girls Singles Event, for the place in the semis Wenna TU of Germany beat Arina SLAUTINA of Russia (9, 10, -4, 4, 9).


“Before and at the start of the match I was nervous. It is my first medal ever at the European Championships and first time that we met each other,” admitted Wenna TU.


She will meet her compatroiot Anastasia BONDAREVA who overcame Ece HARAC of Turkey (-5, 7, -10, 3, 10, -5, 8). Elizabet ABRAAMIAN of Russia beat Prithika PAVADE of France (-7, 8, 5, 7, -6, 5). Elena - Adriana ZAHARIA of Romania prevailed against Nataliya MALININA of Russia (8, 2, -8, -8, 7, 8).


“Since the beginning of the match I was very emotional. It was the first time that I played against her and my first medal here. I already had one in Team’s not in singles. I struggled to attack her on the backhand,” said ZAHARIA.

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