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European Championships - 11 Jul 2017

LIEBHERR 2017 ITTF European championships draw on Wednesday at 17:30

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About two months before the start of the LIEBHERR 2017 ITTF European table tennis championships, this Wednesday constitutes a major milestone for all participating associations, players and coaches. The draw of the groups from 17.30 onwards at the event Hall “Coque”, will pave the way for the team championships.


The draw is a true milestone in the context of the European Team Championships. The final preparation phase is launched for all team, they will know their opponents which they will confront in about two months on the other side of the table. And the fans can already calculate the theoretical way of their favorite team.


The team championships will be played in three divisions. The 16 best teams play in four groups in the “Championships Division”. The next 16 teams form in four groups the “Challenge Division”. The remaining teams constitute the “Standard Division”. 42 men's teams and 38 women's teams have signed up for the LIEBHERR 2017 ITTF European table tennis championships. The teams have qualified for the respective divisions depending on their result from the qualification round. The winner of each group as well as the best five teams reaching the second place qualified for the “Championship Division”. Luxembourg as host country used its wild card to be part of the “Championship Division” too. The other runner-ups as well as the third placed teams and the winner of a qualification tournament of all remaining teams form the “Challenge Division”. All other teams play in the “Standard Division”.


In the "Championships Division" and in the "Challenge Division" each team plays against each at the mode of "best-of-five". After the end of the group stage, the first and second place winners of the four groups get to the quarter-finals and play by K. O.-System in the "Championships Division" the places one to eight. The third and fourth place finisher play for places 9 to 16. In the "Challenge Division" the first and second place winners of the groups play for the places 17 to 24, the third and fourth place finisher for the positions 25-32. As far as the “Standard Division” is concerned, the ETTU will only announce the applying system shortly before the draw. Traditionally the first matches of the acting champions, i.e. Austria for the men’s and Germany for the women’s teams, attract most of the interest.


The draw will be processed according to the following sequence: (1) Challenge Division – Women; (2) Challenge Division – Men; (3) Championships Division – Women; (4)


Championships Division - Men

The draw will be produced by SPORTSTREAM.LU and be live streamed by LAOLA ( as well as on Facebook (


Seeding List

Men’s Championships Division

1 Germany, 2 Portugal, 3 Sweden, 4 France, 5 Austria, 6 Romania, 7 Greece, 8 Croatia, 9 Spain, 10 Slovenia, 11 Poland, 12 Russia, 13 Ukraine, 14 Slovakia, 15 Belarus, 16 Luxembourg


Men’s Challenge Division

17 England, 18 Czech Republic, 19 Hungary, 20 Italy, 21 Serbia, 22 Belgium, 23 Denmark, 24 Turkey, 25 Bulgaria, 26 Netherlands, 27 Israel, 28 Finland, 29 Lithuania, 30 Estonia, 31 Switzerland, 32 Ireland


Men’s Standard Division

33 Latvia, 34 Scotland, 35 Norway, 36 Wales, 37 Azerbaijan, 38 Kosovo, 39 Bosnia and Herzegovina, 40 Montenegro, 41 Cyprus, 42 Macedonia


Women’s Championships Division

1 Germany, 2 Romania, 3 Austria, 4 Poland, 5 Hungary, 6 Russia, 7 Czech Republic, 8 Portugal, 9 Ukraine, 10 France, 11 Sweden, 12 Netherlands, 13 Spain, 14 Luxembourg, 15 Belarus, 16 Croatia


Women’s Challenge Division

17 Slovakia, 18 Serbia, 19 Turkey, 20 England, 21 Wales, 22 Slovenia, 23 Belgium, 24 Lithuania, 25 Switzerland, 26 Italy, 27 Greece, 28 Azerbaijan, 29 Bulgaria, 30 Israel, 31 Denmark, 32 Finland


Women’s Standard Division

33 Norway, 34 Estonia, 35 Bosnia and Herzegovina, 36 Latvia, 37 Scotland, 38 Macedonia

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