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European Youth Championships - 22 Jul 2017

Another gold for SIDORENKO and ZIRONOVA

Photo: Carlos FERREIRA

STAG 2017 European Youth Championships


The winners of the Cadet Mixed Doubles Event at the STAG 2017 European Youth Championships in Guimaraes are Vladimir SIDORENKO and Ekaterina ZIRONOVA of Russia. In the final they overcame Vladislav MAKAROV and Nataliya MALININA of Russia. Bronze medals winners are Martin FRIIS and Rebecca MUSKANTOR of Sweden and Daniel RINDERER and Anastasia BONDAREVA of Germany.


SIDORENKO and ZIRONOVA, both winners of their respective Team’s Events earlier this week, started the match in big style. Fearless game leads them into very fast 2:0, before they realized they could win.


“We were confident, but in the third game we realized we are so close to the gold. We started to struggle a little, but soon we rebuilt our confidence to seal the match,” said SIDORENKO. ”Ekaterina played perfectly at that point, despite the fact that she was not very happy to play against lefthander.”


In the semi final SIDORENKO and ZIRONOVA never managed to create wider gap, but they were always one step forward against Sweden’s Martin FRIIS and Rebecca MUSKANTOR.


“It was difficult match. There were four lefthanders at the table. That gave us hard time to prepare the tactics. Service and receive was important so we managed to be good with the first ball,” said SIDORENKO who teamed up with ZIRONOVA not long before the start of the STAG 2017 EYC.


Vladislav MAKAROV and Nataliya MALININA also started to play together recently. They worked together in the preparation camp in Russia, but they do not have international experience. It was visible at the beginning of the penultimate stage match against Daniel RINDERER and Anastasia BONDAREVA of Germany.


“I was nervous, so we needed a time to settle into the rhythm. First game was very close. Later everything fits in its place,” said MAKAROV.” BONDARENKO is very powerful player, good rubbers, but I am good with block and spin.”


Semi final

Vladimir SIDORENKO, Ekaterina ZIRONOVA (Russia) - Martin FRIIS, Rebecca MUSKANTOR (Sweden) 3:0 (12:10, 11:8, 12:10)

Vladislav MAKAROV, Nataliya MALININA (Russia) - Daniel RINDERER, Anastasia BONDAREVA (Germany) 3:0 (17:15, 11:6, 11:8)


Vladimir SIDORENKO, Ekaterina ZIRONOVA (Russia) – Vladislav MAKAROV, Nataliya MALININA (Russia) 3:0 (11:4, 11:4, 12:10)


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