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European Championships - 25 Jul 2017

50 more days before the 2017 LIEBHERR ITTF European Championships


Now, the wait will not last much longer: in 50 days the 2017 LIEBHERR ITTF European Table Tennis Championships commences in Luxembourg. Two hundred people will do voluntary service for the 42 men’s and 38 women‘s teams compete for the European title in the „Coque“ in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.


Entry tickets are available via They also gives opportunity to spectators for free use of local public transport. The Park&Ride Sites Howald, Rue de Bouillon and Foire can be used to reach the „Coque“ with ease. President Andre Hartmann confirms that „pre-sales of tickets are lively at our homepage We also make extensive use of social media. Thus we constantly update information for our fans on our facebook page“ (


The livestream of the group-draw on 12th July was very successful and made ticket sales  soar. The Luxembourgish women‘s team will face the Rumanian, the Czech and the Dutch teams. Hosts will play against Sweden, Greece and Russia. Likewise Austria will have fight claw and tooth to defend their title against Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia. The German ladies will face Hungary, Sweden and Croatia.


„After the draw, match-scheduling is the next step,“ the President of the FLTT adds. The time-table will be published in the next few days. The procedure is already official: In the Championship and Challenge Divisions, group games will be played according to the principle everyone against everyone. Thus each team plays 3 team matches according to the best-of-five system. At the end of the group-phase, the first and second placed of the 4 groups will continue to the quarter finals and play by k.o. system for positions 1 to 8 in the Championship Division, while the third and fourth placed compete for places 9 to 16. In the Challenge Division the first and second placed compete for positions 17 to 24, while the third and fourth placed vie for positions 25 to 32. In the Standard Division all games from position 33 onwards are played. Thus an early elimination is impossible and specatators can encourage their favorites from the first to the last day of the competition.“


Both the players and the organising team have 50 days left to achieve fine-tuning to make the 2017 LIEBHERR ITTF European Table Tennis Championship a total success.


You can also see the clip – „50 days to go“ here

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