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European Championships - 16 Jan 2017

D’ Coque meets the highest standards

LIEBHERR 2017 ITTF-European Table Tennis Championships


In preparation of the LIEBHERR 2017 ITTF-European Table Tennis Championships (Luxembourg from 13th to 17th September), Competition Manager Didier LEROY and ETTU's Secretary General Richard SCRUTON paid an inspection visit to Luxembourg, on January 11th. ETTU President Ronald KRAMER, who was in Luxembourg at the time, joined part of the programme and visited the venue d'Coque, where the championships will take place.


"This is a very cleverly designed venue, and without doubt fully adaptable for hosting our table tennis Team Championships in a successful way. The whole building is rather big, but very friendly, even cosy, at the same time: I am really impressed!" said President KRAMER.


Competition Manager Didier LEROY was pleased to inform us that the organizing committee is already well prepared 8 months before the event.


“The team is really motivated to deliver a successful event. They got already experience after having hosted two European Olympic Qualification. The venue D’ Coque is very well equipped with all the facilities needed for the participants as well as for the spectators.”


In addition for spectators the venue has easy access with public transport.


“For the participants the playing conditions will be great with an improved lighting system in the Arena. There will be three Show Courts out of 16 Tables, and the practice hall is within the same building,” stated Competition Manager LEROY.


The draw will take place on Wednesday 12th July.


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