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ETTU Cup Women - 13 Feb 2017

Tigem SC Ankara aiming all-Turkish ETTU Cup final

Tigem SC Ankara (3:1, 2:3) overcame TuS Bad Driburg to reach the penultimate stage of the Women’s ETTU Cup. In the semis they will meet TTC Kazan of Russia.


They came a long way to get to the position to fight for a final.


" This year, our team played in the European Club Competitions for the third time. We have qualified through the group matches, then eliminated Czech team Moravsky. After, we also had a thrilling match with Novi Sad and we managed to beat our rival 3-2,” explained Tigem's Club Director Salih İNCE.


In the quarter final, Tigem SC Ankara played against German club, Driburg.


“Driburg is a really strong team, as they have Chinese players and also Sarah DE NUTTE and Nina MITTELHAM. Moreover, this club came to ETTU Cup from Champions League. Our players, Fulya, Zoya and Cristina were at the top of their games in both matches. We won the first match 3-1 in Ankara and this gave us a huge advantage. In the second match, our adversary had 2-1, so the fourth match was crucial. It meant victory or sadness. Zoya performed really wonderful and she led us to victory. We wanted to win this match too, yet we had a few little errors. However, we managed to qualify to semi-final.”


Playing both matches as a guest was not an easy task, but team from Ankara overcame it.


“As it is known, there are many Turkish people living in Germany, so at these matches we sometimes feel like we're at home, not away. We thank all our fans who supported us in Germany. This success is a historical one for our club, we are proud to have this success both for our club and for Turkish Republic. We also thank to Driburg team and their directors, we really felt like we were at home, we wish them success in future.”


Next in line is Russia’s club.


“We will prepare for our next match against T.T.C. Kazan in a highly-disciplined way. We've never played against this club, however our players know our adversaries. Kazan is a powerful team, yet we have always played against powerful teams and we were the one who concluded the match victoriously. We are expecting to win this match and maybe make a Turkish Final on ETTU Cup with Bursa. We know, it won't be easy but we will do our best to do so," promised Tigem's Club Director Salih İNCE.




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