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Member Associations - 4 Mar 2017

Main prize for PRIVALOVA and KHANIN in Belarus

Photo: Courtesy BTTF

Belarus National Championships


Newly crowned champions of Belarus Alexandra PRIVALOVA and Alliaksandr KHANIN beat in the finals, held in the city of Minsk, Daria TRIGOLOS and Pavel PLATONOV respectively. It was the fifth title for PRIVALOVA, whilst 19-year-old KHANIN took his very first crown.


The same competitors like in the last year were the finalists of the Women`s Singles Event, as PRIVALOVA again beat TRIGOLOS in the gold medal contest (in 2016 she needed six games, now one less). PRIVALOVA now has five titles of national champion.


“After the 2016 Rio Olympic, I purposely took a break this season. I see positive changes in my game, and I know what need to do to continue improvement. Overall speaking, I was well prepared psychologically, but physically I felt tiredness”, stated Alexandra PRIVALOVA for BTTF.


Last year Pavel PLATONOV overcame Kirill BARABANOV in the final chapter to secure his fourth consecutive title in the Men`s Singles Event, but now he was beaten by young Alliaksandr KHANIN in five games of the final clash.


Alina NIKITCHENKO and Ana PATEEVA are the winners in Women`s Doubles, whilst Pavel PLATONOV and Ilya BARBOLIN consist the best men`s pair.

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