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European Championships - 4 Feb 2017

The Draw in Antibes determines Play Off crossings

European Team Championships Qualification – Play Off


The draw for the European Team Championships Qualification – Play Off matches was held today in the venue of the ITTF-Europe Top 16 Cup in Juan-Les-Pins, Antibes, France, as crossings between groups are determined. The draw was conducted by ETTU Deputy Secretary General Pierre KASS, while both, ETTU Ranking Committee Deputy Chairman Mr. Miguel VICENS and World Champion of 1993 Jean-Philippe GATIEN, drew the balls out.


The winners of ten groups in both, men`s and women`s competitions, will qualify for the Championships Division, whilst 10 second placed national teams are going to play in the 5 Play Off clashes. Teams ranked on the 3rd spot are continuing in the Challenge Division. Five out of six rounds are finished while ultimate one is scheduled for March 7th.


According to the men`s draw, Group G (Greece 3-1, England 2-1, Netherlands 0-3) crosses over with Group E (Sweden 4-0, Slovakia 1-2, Estonia 0-3). France secured top spot in Group C (Italy 1-2, Finland 0-3) which goes to Group F (Portugal is winner, Ukraine 1-2, Lithuania 0-3). Other crossings are next:

Group I vs. Group B (I: Spain 3-0, Russia 2-2, Bulgaria 0-3, B: Germany 4-0, Serbia 1-2, Switzerland 0-3).

Group J vs. Group H (J: Romania 3-0, Czech Republic 1-2, Turkey 0-2), H: Poland 2-2, Slovenia 2-1, Belgium 1-2).

Group A vs. Group D (A: Austria 3-1, Hungary 1-2, Denmark 1-2, D: Belarus 2-1, Croatia 2-0, Israel 0-3).


Regarding women`s draw, outcome is the next:

Group E vs. Group A (E: Poland 4-0, Spain 1-2, Switzerland 0-3, A: Germany 4-0, England 1-2, Slovenia 0-3).

Group H vs. Group B (H: Portugal 4-0, Turkey 0-2, Azerbaijan 0-2, B: Romania 4-0, Netherlands 1-2, Greece 0-3).

Group F vs. Group C (F: Austria 4-0, Wales 1-2, Kosovo 0-3, C: Russia 4-0, Belarus 1-2, Bulgaria 0-3).

Group J vs. Group I (J: Hungary 4-0, Sweden 1-2, Belgium 0-3, I: France 3-1, Slovakia 2-1, Italy 0-3).

Group G vs. Group D (G: Czech Republic 4-0, Serbia 1-2, Lithuania 0-3, D: Ukraine 4-0, Croatia 1-2, Finland 0-3).

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