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Other Events - 10 Dec 2017

OLÁH failed to halt Japanese dominance in Finland

Finlandia Open ended- just like last year - as a perfect Japanese party. Even the names were pretty much the same, as last year's winner Hokuto KORIYAMA took the title in men's singles and Minami ANDO repeated the story in women´s singles.


In men's final, Yusuke SADAMATSU - who beat local hero Benedek OLÁH away from the winning fight - was weaponless against lefthanded KORIYAMA. Third in the competition was Lev KATSMAN from Russia.


However, KORIYMA struggled a lot on his way to his title, while women´s winner Minami ANDO lost only three sets during the whole race. Defending compariot Mai ASADA had no chance in a 0-4 final match. Third place was captured by Rachel Moret from Switzerland.


- We are happy with the arrangements. On the basis of feedback, both players and coaches are satisfied with our competition - venue, meals and accomondation near by -  but of course we hoped that Benedek OLÁH would have played in the finals, said Esko HEIKKINEN, Chairman of the Finnish Table Tennis Association noted.


Men´s singles


  1. Hokuto Koriyma Japan
  2. Yusuke Sadamatsu Japan 11-9, 11-8, 16-14, 11-5
  3. Lev Katsman Russia
  4. Benedek Oláh Finland


Women's singles


  1. Minami Ando Japan
  2. Mai Asada Japan 11-6, 11-6, 11-9, 11-5
  3. Rachel Moret Switzerland




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