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Champions League Women - 3 Dec 2017

Seamaster ECLW: Dr. CASL continues its winning streak

Photo: Courtesy Dr. CASL

Croatian team beat Hungary`s Szekszrad 3:0 in the Round 5 of 2017/18 Seamaster ECLW


Croatian club Dr. CASL extended its winning streak to 64, counting all competitions, as they beat Hungary`s Szekszard 3:0 at home in the Seamaster ECLW Round 5. ECLW no. 3 seed enters quarter-final stage with all four wins in the group stage.


Highly-experienced team had an easy job against very young line-up of Szekszard. All three games have been decided in straight games: LI Jie vs. Leila IMRE, ZHOU Xintong vs. Dora MADARASZ and FU Yu vs. Denise PAYET.


2017/18 Seamaster ECLW Round 5




Dr. CASL - Szekszard 3:0 


LI Jie – Leila IMRE 3:0 (12:10, 11:2, 11:1)

ZHOU Xintong – Dora MADARASZ 3:0 (11:6, 11:5, 11:5)

FU Yu – Denise PAYET 3:0 (11:7, 11:4, 11:2)

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