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Other Events - 23 Aug 2017

Marketing Experts help with the new challenges

Collaborative workshop to enhance the marketing of table tennis across Europe. After the first, very successful session held last year in Budapest, the second ITTF / ETTU "Marketing & Promotions Course" is scheduled for Friday 15th September 2017, d`Coque (LUX)


Following the positive feedback from the inaugural Marketing & Promotional session in Budapest in 2016, ETTU wish to invite National Associations Marketing heads and leads to our second workshop in Luxembourg during LIEBHERR 2017 ITTF-European Championships.


To build on last year`s session and the feedback provided, "Marketing & Promotions Course" will focus this time on TACTICS, TIPS, TOOLS & BELOW THE LINE MARKETING ACTIVITY. We hope to create lots of discussion and opportunity to share experiences and learn from one another to improve how we all market and promote our sport.


Jonny COWAN, ITTF Partnership Manager within the ITTF Marketing and Commercial team, will facilitate the day. We will also be joined by Francine HIGHAM from Seven League, one of Europe's leading digital media consultancies specialising in sport. Francine has been consulting on a number of projects with high profile Seven League clients such as FC Barcelona, Manchester City FC, NBA, UFC and AELTC Wimbledon.


Three sessions will be discussed during the Course: Session 1 – Digital tools, data and content, Session 2 – Activating tips to maximize impact of events and home matches, Session 3 – Sponsorship in the modern sports era.


ETTU President Ronald KRAMER stressed an importance of the upcoming event:


"In our aim to bring Europe back to world level table tennis, there are many roads to cross. Inspiring young kids to play table tennis starts with organising interesting competitions and events at local level. But real progress should come from our national and international matches, played in front of enthusiast and supportive audiences and displayed on the internet and TV. This course is one of our core elements in learning how to 'sell' our sport to a larger public. This year's is the second consecutive course contributing to our common knowledge and experience. By exchanging practical information participants will acquire the necessary skills to promote our sport, for instance by attracting local and national media. It is necessary to build on our collective abilities to promote table tennis in our countries and in Europe. Under the energetic guidance of Jonny COWAN we will learn how to enhance the attractiveness and presentation of the sport of table tennis. I recommend all our Associations to participate!"


Jonny COWAN added :


"There is a real buzz around table tennis globally at the moment with 355.6 million viewers watching the recent World Championships in Düsseldorf. Europe is a buoyant market and all our Associations showed a real passion at our workshop last year to push the boundaries on our marketing and promotion efforts. It'll be great to come together again in Luxembourg for more ideas sharing and discussion. Our objective is for Association marketing leads and representatives to leave the session energised, armed with a clear view on some of the simple things they can do to get better, having had a positive, interactive, learning experience in a fun and enjoyable environment."


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