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Member Associations - 7 Apr 2017

WEIKERT unveiled his vision for the sport and the ITTF

ITTF Elections

On the occasion of World Table Tennis Day, Thomas WEIKERT, President of the International Table Tennis Federation [ITTF], unveiled his vision for the sport and the ITTF as part of his campaign to be re-elected President of the world governing body.

Weikert’s campaign Manifesto, entitled ‘Delivering Value and Growth for Global Table Tennis’, sets out seven key pillars that express a series of proposals to expand the sport further and ensure that Table Tennis and the ITTF reach even greater heights.

Launching his election Manifesto today, Thomas Weikert said:
 “This Manifesto sets out my blueprint for the future development of the ITTF and global Table Tennis. I believe it builds on the achievements that have been accomplished in my first term in office as ITTF President and I am convinced that by working with this vision – in true partnership with Continental and National Associations – our sport will enter an exciting new phase of global growth that sees the creation of more Table Tennis players and fans.”

ETTU President Ronald KRAMER is positive in his reaction: 'After Jean-Michel Saive published his cleverly drafted and well presented 11-point plan in January, I am impressed by Thomas Weikert's comprehensive and well thought manifesto.'

One point President KRAMER wants to stress: 'Everyone knows how necessary it is that the working relations between ITTF and the continental federations are taken more and more seriously in the near future. This part should be strengthened. The continental federations should be an integral part of ITTF's decision making process. Having said this, I must add that the Strategic Investment Agreement that was just signed with the Oceania Table Tennis Federation is a step forward and gives me good hope for Europe and the other continents as well.'

The seven key pillars in ‘Delivering Value and Growth for Global Table Tennis’ are:
1 Fuelling the development of Table Tennis and empowering National Associations

2 Setting the highest standards of governance, integrity and transparency

3 Ensuring stability, continuity and positive Olympic/IOC relations

4 Maximising commercial and marketing opportunities
5 Enhancing the presentation of our sport
6 Engaging our audiences digitally and attracting younger fans
7 Developing Para Table Tennis
 WEIKERT added: “It has been my great honour and privilege to serve Table Tennis as ITTF President since 2014. I am confident that the proposals now presented in my Manifesto will bring great benefits to all Table Tennis members which will help our sport expand with more young people becoming athletes, more people watching and consuming our sport and greater revenues flowing into the game. I am proud of the results that my team and I have achieved since I took office – including helping to make Table Tennis the first truly global sport with every country in the world now represented by a National Association. On the back of these achievements, I believe I am the right person to help guide Table Tennis and the ITTF into an even greater era that maximises commercial and marketing opportunities, harnesses the latest innovations and digital technologies, leads the way in terms of youth-focused sports presentation and sets the benchmark for sports good governance, integrity and transparency.
WEIKERT spoke further about the strategy.

“Following a successful Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games for Table Tennis and the ITTF, I am excited about the future potential of the sport. I want to work closely with leading Table Tennis countries so collectively we can support the high-performance development of the sport in emerging nations – helping to ensure that more athletes from more National Associations compete for the top trophies and our events create more drama and global interest. Table Tennis Olympic status is also vitally important to me. Building on the successful reclassification of our sport to Olympic Group C, I am working to secure up to three extra events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – enabling Table Tennis and the ITTF to further strengthen its Olympic standing. This is a Manifesto for everyone in Table Tennis and by working in a spirit of true collaboration with Continental and National Associations, I know we can unlock our great potential and secure an even brighter future for global Table Tennis. If I have the honour of continuing as President, I will invest all my energies to making this happen and taking our sport to the next level of international development and success.”
WEIKERT unveiled his campaign Manifesto and celebrated World Table Tennis Day at his local league Table Tennis club, TTC 1947 Elz near Limburg, where he is still a regular player, and also in Frankfurt.
Thomas WEIKERT’S ITTF Presidential campaign was recently boosted by receiving an endorsement from the German Table Tennis Federation [DTTB] and the German National Olympic Committee [DOSB]. In the coming days Weikert will also launch his full campaign website and publish his election Manifesto in four additional languages: French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese.




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