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Champions League Women - 27 Apr 2017

POTA enters ECLW final with 9-1 score

Photo: Courtesy TTC Berlin Eastside

Individual scores before the 2016/17 ECLW finals


Berlin targets its fourth ECW title, while Tarnobrzeg seeks revenge for last year’s defeat in the final!


The 2016/17 ECLW finals will confront again, second time in a row, reigning champion TTC Berlin Eastside and actual runner-up KTS Siarka ZOT Tarnobrzeg. Both legs will be livestreamed on, on May 7th (18:00 CET) in Poland, and on May 12th (18:30 CET) in Germany.


Both teams again occupy two highest positions on the seeding list. Triple ECLW winner and current No. 1 seed won all its games so far, having 8-0 score, while the 25th times champion of Poland stands on 6-2. When they met in the 2015/16 final, Berlin won both legs. German club finished last season with a perfect 10-0 score.


Regarding individual scores, top spots were usualy reserved for Tarnobrzeg`s HAN Ying and Berlin`s SHAN Xiaona, but now Berlin`s Georgina POTA stands on the top with 9-1 score, counting just players who played at least one match per round. For example, the 18-years-old Yui HAMAMOTO from Japan had very important role in Berlin`s squad, winning all her five encounters.


This is POTA`s best ECLW season so far, though she provided several important wins for Berlin in the past. Her teammate SOLJA fought with injuries within months, but managed to recover. On the other side, LI Qian contributed a lot to Tarnobrzeg`s side winning four out of last five games.


All individual scores of the finalists are next: Berlin – Georgina POTA 9-1, SHAN Xiaona 6-2, Yui HAMAMOTO 5-0, Petrissa SOLJA 4-2, Tarnobrzeg – HAN Ying 8-2, LI Qian 6-2, Viktoria PAVLOVICH 4-4, Kinga STEFANSKA 1-0, Andrea TODOROVIC 0-1.


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