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ETTU Cup Men - 4 Apr 2017

KUTERGINA: We can lose only one game

Men’s ETTU Cup semi final


In France, Stella Sport La Romagne easily prevailed in the first leg of the Men’s ETTU Cup against Russia’s UMMC.


Tianyuan CHEN and Shiaho WEI beat Andrej GACINA and Alexander SHIBAEV by straight games, whilst Adrian CRISAN was streched to full distance against Grigory VLASOV, before hosts recorded victory.


“The presence of two Chinese players in the French team and CRISAN as the number three makes this team not just strong, but very strong, capable of defeating any rivals. By that I include all the best teams in ETTU Cup and the TTCLM teams. Secondly, the unintelligible game of SHIBAEV and GACHINA affected the outcome of the match,” explained coach Tatiana KUTERGINA.


At least Russia’s club will have the home advantage now.


“Now, in order to reach the final, we can only lose one game ... The task is extremely difficult, but twice we came out of such situations before. Players understand the difficulty of the situation. We will fight!” promised KUTERGINA.


Currently in the national championships the club is fighting for the top.


“In the Russian Club Championship we are on the 2nd place. There is another round ahead and the Super Final. As of now all players are fit and getting ready for the 2 leg match in Verkhnaya Pyshma.”


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