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Member Associations - 5 Apr 2017

Ioannina City celebrates International Day of Sport

Action - Reaction, Thesis - Antithesis, Reason - Argument and finally Dialog


The 6th of April is the day established by the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.


The Greek Table Tennis Club "Table Tennis Friends of Ioannina City" produced a short film to celebrate this day, focusing in the idea of the connection of modern and ancient time. Ioannina is the Capital of Epirus in Northwest Greece, a highlands city built around the lake Pambotis, or Ioannina lake.


The film begins in ancient Theatre of Dodoni in Epirus, which is located about 22km from Ioannina. Dodoni was a sacred place from the prehistoric period. From the 19th to 14th centuries B.C. was the place of cult of Zeus, the Father of ancient Greeks Gods who domiciled in Olympus Mountain. Similar like Ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD.


In Dodoni ancient site there is one of the few ancient stadiums in the world with stone seats. Table Tennis athletes playing in the center of ancient Dodoni theatre inspired from the sacred place. Flying around the world, the film landed in other young athletes continuing to play in their loved city of Ioannina, beside the lake, making circles around the table. This is the circle of life, the circle of Time and the human desire for action and reaction, for Peace and Development. It is also a way to express their feelings, having always in mind the sport of their heart, Table Tennis.




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