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Champions League Men - 5 Apr 2017

Borussia will not underestimate reigning TTCLM champion

Photo: Courtesy Borussia Dusseldorf

“We have to be awake from the first point”, stressed Borussia`s coach Danny HEISTER about returning semi-final clash against Pontoise (Friday, 19:00). Pontoise`s president Louise ADAM: “We believe in our chances”!


Borussia Dusseldorf has a big advantage (3:0) after first TTCLM semi-final leg against reigning champion AS Pontoise Cergy, but manager Andreas PREUSS and coach Danny HEISTER try to motivate their players for one more tough battle. They stand with both legs on the ground, being aware that French side is capable to beat each team in straight games.


“The door to the final is open, but it will be hard work to go through. Pontoise has a great team and the first match was very close. Our team is ready for another big game!”, explained Andreas PREUSS, manager of ten times TTCLM winner.


Coach HEISTER added:

”Like Andreas said, in Pontoise where three close games but where on a good shape. We will do our best on Friday, but we will not underestimate them because everything is possible and we know that. We have to be awake from the first point but in our hall we’re difficult to beat!”


Four weeks ago, Stefan FEGERL did a big job for his team, by beating the best Pontoise`s player Marcos FREITAS in the opening game. In the next two encounters, Timo BOLL and former Pontoise`s member Kristian KARLSSON defeated Tristan FLORE and Mattias KARLSSON respectively.


Pontoise`s president Louise ADAM believes that his side still has its chances:

Many people think that our chance to straighten the score is minimal. But although it will be difficult, we believe in our chances. We have, in the past, returned this kind of situation. Why not this time again!


TTCLM semi-final, leg no. 2



BORUSSIA DUSSELDORF – AS PONTOISE CERGY (April 7th, 19:00 CET, 1st leg 3:0)


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