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Champions League Men - 10 Apr 2017

Borussia sees its chances against Orenburg

Photo: Courtesy Borussia Dusseldorf

„This will be the biggest challenge this season”, stressed Borussia`s manager Andreas PREUSS speaking about upcoming TTCLM final (1st leg 4-7th May)


Borussia Dusseldorf won two important home games in just three days, from last Friday do Sunday. First, they booked their place in the 2016/17 TTCLM final, then they beat FC Saarbrucken 3:1 in the first semi-final leg of Bundesliga.


After two good matches against reigning TTCLM champion Pontoise (3:0 away, 3:1 at home), everyone in Borussia`s staff is satisfied. Returning game was decided after the opening match when former Pontoise`s Kristian KARLSSON overcame his compatriot Mattias KARLSSON.


“I'm very glad I could win this game. We were faced with a really tough task, in spite of having big advantage, because Pontoise has a good team that does not give up”, pointed out Kristian KARLSSON speaking for Borussia`s website.


Coach Danny HEISTER explained that his side “had a lot of respect for the game”, while manager Andreas PREUSS turned his attention to the upcoming TTCLM final against Orenburg:


“This will be the biggest challenge this season! Orenburg is currently considered as clear favorite, but they must confirm that against us. I believe in our chance”.


KARLSSON agrees with PREUSS: 


“We have a chance. Sure, we are the outsiders, but Orenburg has a lot of pressure. We are capable to do this.”


German club will play its 5th TTCLM final in the last nine seasons, but there is no title since they defeated Fakel Gazprom Orenburg in 2010/11. Russian giant will be once again their rival for the biggest prize in European club’s table tennis.


Actual score in the final clashes are 1:1. Borussia won the title in 2010/11, while Russian club was better in 2014/15.

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