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European Championships - 24 Sep 2016

Romania prepares the spectacular opening match in the EC Qualifications

Photo: ITTF

European Championships Qualification Team Events


The match between Austria and Kosovo three days ago opened the European Championships Qualification Team Events, before the official start. The official kick off in 10 groups in men’s and women’s Championships Divisions will be on Tuesday.


Only one match, the clash between the teams ranked at the top position and in the place no. three in their respective groups will be played on 27th.


In every group there are three teams and they will play against each other in two matches (home and away). Ten group winners will qualify for the Championships division. The teams who finished the opening stage at poistion no. three in their respective groups will qualify for the Challenge division. Ten teams at position no. two, will drawn into five play off matches. Five play off winners will qualify for the Championships division.


For the opening round, the match between Romania and Greece will be arranged in unusual manner. Romanian Federation announced that the match will be broadcasted live by national television and it will be played inside one of the main studios of RTV.




Men’s Team


Group A: Austria vs. Denmark


Group B: Germany vs.Switzerland


Group C: France vs. Finland


Group D: Belarus vs. Israel


Group E: Sweden vs.Estonia


Group F Portugal vs. Lithuania


Group G: Greece vs. Netherlands


Group H. Poland vs. Slovenia


Group I: Russia vs.Bulgaria


Group J: Czech Republic vs.Turkey




Women’s Team


Group A: Germany vs. England


Group B: Romania vs. Greece


Group C: Russia vs. Bulgaria


Group D: Ukraine vs. Finland


Group E: Poland vs. Switzerland


Group F: Austria vs Kosovo 3:0


Group G: Czech republic vs. Lithuania


Group H. Portugal vs. Azerbaijan


Group I: France vs. Italy


Group J: Hungary vs. Belgium

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