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ETTU Cup Men - 18 Sep 2016

ETTU Cup Men: Two Belgian clubs go to 2nd stage

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

TTC Sokah Hoboken and TT Vedrinamur finished on the top of Group C and D respectively. SK Vydrany, CS Mioveni, ASD Marcozzi, Istanbul BBSK, STK Starr Varaždin and Knightswood TTC also in the 2nd stage


First stage of the ETTU Cup Men, with 16 clubs from 10 countries, was finished as two Belgian clubs booked their places for the 2nd stage, creating a perfect 3-0 record. TTC Sokah Hoboken and TT Vedrinamur finished on the top of Group C and D respectively.


Other six clubs which passed successfully first exam in the new season are: SK Vydrany (Slovakia), CS Mioveni (Romania), ASD Marcozzi (Italy), Istanbul BBSK (Turkey), STK Starr Varaždin (Croatia) and Knightswood TTC (Scotland).


In the Group A, hosted by DT Diddeleng from Luxembourg, SK Vydrany (3-0) reached the top spot followed by CS Mioveni (2-1). Host finished third (1-2) and Spanish CTT CER ESCALA fourth (0-3). SK Vydrany`s Samuel NOVOTA was the best player at the tournament with 5-0 score.


Host of the Group B ASD Marcozzi won all its games (3-0) followed by Turkey’s Istanbul BBSK (2-1), Spanish GD Toledos (1-2) and Luxembourg’s DT Recken (0-3). Italian side showed a good team work, while Philippe SAIVE (individual 3-0 score) couldn’t help DT Recken to avoid the last place.


Group C brought most thrilling contest, as three clubs, from 2nd to 4th place, came out with 1-2 score. But host STK Starr Varaždin from Croatia finished second, according to the highest set-ratio. Belgium’s TTC Sokah Hoboken was unbeaten, while Turk Telekom Ankara Spor Kulubu and Portugal’s G.D. do Centro Social do Juncal won one match each.


The same ending happened in the Group D with one dominant side, Belgium’s TT Vedrinamur led by its youngster Thibaut DARCIS, and three equal, Scotland’s Knightswood TTC, Turkey’s Sistem Reklam SC and Spanish Colina Clinic Burgos Colina Clinic Burgos (all three 1-2). Knightswood TTC got second spot thanks to the highest set-ratio (4-3).


Second stage will be held on October 29-30th, as eight clubs await their opponents qualified through Round 1. Two best placed teams from each group will reach stage no. 3.

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