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Member Associations - 26 Sep 2016

Emmanuel KOLYMPADIS leads Greek Federation for four more years

Emmanuel KOLYMPADIS will be the chair of Greek Table Tennis Federation for four more years. It is the outcome of the elections that took place last Saturday in Athens.


Emmanuel KOLYMBADIS was re-elected and for the third time since October 2008 he will be the main person in charge in Greek Federation management. The club-members of H.T.T.F. renewed the trust in the person of KOLIMPADIS and his colleagues and expects from the administration to continue with the same passion the extremely difficult task to keep the sport strong in times of economic crisis.


“I am very touched. I feel blessed. The large family of Greek table tennis with an incredible unanimity and unity made to my colleagues and to me the great honor to put us in another 4 years at the head of the sport. Thanks everyone who attended the elections for their love and trust. I promise that I will try with my associates to move our sport forward and higher. For me personally I'm happy as I was when I was elected for the first time. I thank them all from my heart”, said the chairman of the board.



Emmanuel KOLIMPADIS 44 votes

Konstantinos MAKRAS 36


Vasiliki ERINAKI 35

Christos TRIGONAS 35

Aikaterini SPANOU 35

Xanthi KIOUFI 33

Panagiotis TZOVOLOS 33

Theodoros RAIDESTINOS 33


Christakis KANARIS 30



After the elections the board met immediately and was constituted with the following composition:


President: Emmanuel KOLYMBADIS

First Vice President: Konstantinos MAKRAS

Second Vice President: Vasiliki ERINAKI

General Secretary: Christos TRIGONAS

Treasurer: Aikaterini SPANOU

Technical Committee: Panagiotis TZOVOLOS


Members: George PAPAGEORGIOU, Nikolaos FILIPPAKOPOULOS, Xanthi KIOUFI, Christakis KANARIS and Theodore RAIDESTINOS


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