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Development - 26 Sep 2016

Deadline for ETTU 2016 Coaching Conference – October 3rd

ETTU / ITTF – Europe Development Program


The annual Coaching Conference will be held in Prague (CZE) from Sunday 9th to Tuesday 11 th October 2016. The deadline for entries is Monday October 3rd.


Entries please send to Mrs. Marta NOVOTNA ( with cc to Zita PIDL (



Monday, 10th October 9:00-13:00

Nutrition in Table Tennis - Danijel BORKOVIC (SLO) Dr. Med.

  • Basic anatomy and phisiology of digestive system
  • Basis of healthy nutrition
  • Food supplements: do we really need them or they are just waste of money
  • What to eat and drink before, during and after exertion


Monday, 10th October 15:00 – 19:00


Coaching is a Mental Game - Makis CHAMALIDIS (FRA), Ph.D. (Sport Psychologist having worked with more than 500 athletes from 20 different disciplines. Consultant for the French Tennis Federation since 1997)


  • Why Coaches should be much more of a Mental Coach
  • Helping players produce information: identify parasitic thinking and create mental firewalls
  • Creating mental routines that are stronger than emotions
  • Finding the right words and attitude to reach the player

Tuesday, 11th October 9:00-13:00 and 15:00-19:00


The century of changes- what do we KNOW-Anders JOHANSSON


  • Changes- possibilities or problems?
  • Development- what does it mean?
  • Asia - to hunt or to passé?
  • Coaches - theory and praxis




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