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Champions League Women - 9 Nov 2016

TT SAINT QUENTIN moves closer to ECLW quarter-finals

Photo: Courtesy Saint Quentin

Manager of French club Jean-Louis POLARD believes that his side has an open way to the next stage after 3:0 away win against Postas Sport Egyesulet


Everybody in the French club TT Saint Quentin is aware how important is the 3:0 away victory against Postas Sport Egyesulet, achieved last weekend in Hungary. This score could be crucial for their goal to reach the quarter-finals of the 2016/17 European Champions League Women, as manager Jean-Louis POLARD emphasized:


“Victory against Postas Sport Egyesület in Hungary was vital to get a chance to reach the quarter-finals next January. Behind Berlin Eastside, No. 1 in Europe, the second spot of Group A was open to the Hungarian team or the French one”.


French team won in straight games, in spite of having some problems in the line-up. POLARD explains:


“Before the beginning of our first away match, Audrey ZARIF suffered from her back and Aurore DESSAINT was asked to play as No. 3 for Saint-Quentin along with ZENG Jian and Daniela MONTEIRO-DODEAN. The Romanian player had a very tough game against LI Jiao No. 37, being twice behind at 3:7 in the first two sets… that she managed to grab at the very end. Daniela’s victory in four sets was a good incentive for her two colleagues and both of them won in three sets. Coach Franck DELCAMBRE was pleased with the final result 3:0 (9:1) and will be more relaxed for the last two matches in December, in Berlin (1st) and at home (16th).”

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