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Champions League Men - 11 Nov 2016

KUTERGINA: VLASOV was brilliant, while MOREGARDH is a talented guy

Photo: Courtesy UMMC

Post-match comments after TTCLM Round 3, TTSC UMMC coach Tatiana KUTERGINA


After the TTCLM Round 3, coach of TTSC UMMC Tatiana KUTERGINA stressed that game against ESLOVS Al BORDTENNIS “went as planned”, as her side beat actual TTCLM runner-up 3:2. She praised UMMC player Grigory VLASOV who beat Daniel KOSIBA in straight games of the third encounter, but also emphasized that the 14-year-old Eslov`s prodigy Truls MOREGARDH has a bright future.


“The game was tense, but it couldn't be other way, as the rival is the last season's Champions League finalist, a very good team. But there are no weak teams in our group, that is why every match is difficult. I liked Truls MOREGARDH, I had not seen him play before. Talented guy, but he is not ready yet to beat GACINA and SHIBAEV. The game went as planned, no surprises. I want to say special words about the VLASOV's game: it was brilliant. The entire game was flawless. He played smoothly and powerfully. Perhaps, he was the best player in our team this time.”


Grigory VLASOV also was delighted by the play of MOREGARDH who lost both his games, against Andrej GACINA and Alexander SHIBAEV, but showed how big talent he posses. Russian player stated:


“Well, it worked out and we won, special thanks to the audience for their support! This is our sports life - everyone should go out to table and try his best to win. Fortunately, I won the personal match and turned the score 2:1 for UMMC. Swedish team has a new star, Truls MOREGARDH, who is very promising. He is already being drafted to the national team and he fights for the first places among juniors. Therefore, he was included in the team for the Champions League, he is a serious rival, a very talented guy."



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