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Champions League Women - 23 May 2016

Zamek plans to spoil unbelievable season of Berlin

Photo: Courtesy Zamek Tarnobrzeg

Returning leg of the 2015/16 ECLW final will be held in Germany this Friday, after 3:2 away victory of Berlin three weeks ago


Tenth edition of European Champions League Women will be concluded next Friday (May 27th, 18:30 CET, live on in Germany, by the returning leg of the 2015/16 final between TTC Berlin Eastside and KTS SPAR-Zamek Tarnobrzeg. German team won 1st leg 3:2 (9:9) three weeks ago, so both sides need the win to ensure the title.


“I am one of the few who already saw the Cup, which will be given to the winner on Friday. And it is very beautiful! We`d like to stay in Berlin, in our club and for this we will fight on May 27th”, stated Berlin`s Coach Irina PALINA which side has an impressive 31-0 score in the ongoing season (4-0 German Cup, 18-0 Bundesliga, 9-0 ECLW).


Both finalists won their national leagues between two games of ECLW finals. Zamek became a 25th time Polish champion, while Berlin conquered Bundesliga third time in a row (and in total).


The hall in Berlin should be a sold out.  President of the ETTU Ronald KRAMER will hand over the trophy to the victorious side.


The key player in the first leg, SHAN Xiaona (beat both Natalia PARTYKA and HAN Ying) has the best indidvidual record so far 12-1 (36-12). Other players have two or more defeats, Berlin - Georgina POTA 7-3 (22-12), Petrissa SOLJA 7-4 (23-14), Yui HAMAMOTO 1-0 (3-2), Zamek - HAN Ying 12-6 (43-22), Natalia PARTYKA 4-7 (23-25), LI Qian 7-4 (25-13).




Berlin is unique undefeated team in this ECLW season

Zamek plays for its second European title in a row, after 2015 ETTU Cup crown

Berlin can become the first triple champion of ECLW

Zamek can become the very first ECLW champion from Poland



The 2015/16 ECLW final, returning leg (Friday 27th May, 18:30 CET)


TTC Berlin Eastside – KTS SPAR-Zamek Tarnobrzeg (live on



The 2015/16 ECLW final, first leg (April 29th)


KTS SPAR-Zamek Tarnobrzeg – TTC Berlin Eastside 2:3 (9:9)


HAN Ying – Petrissa SOLJA 3:0 (12:10, 11:9, 11:2)

Natalia PARTYKA – SHAN Xiaona 2:3 (11:8, 8:11, 7:11, 13:11, 7:11)

LI Qian – Georgina POTA 3:0 (12:10, 14:12, 11:9)

HAN Ying – SHAN Xiaona 1:3 (7:11, 11:5, 10:12, 8:11)

Natalia PARTYKA – Petrissa SOLJA 0:3 (11:13, 2:11, 8:11)


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